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Can I Apply Less Than The Recommended Dose Of Minoxidil?

We often get questions on the amount of minoxidil to use for each application. Liquid minoxidil is applied with a dropper and the recommended dose per application is 1ml, the liquid dropper is marked for exactly this amount. One of the  most common question we get is whether there is an issue applying more or less than the 1ml recommendation.

The original research was standardized at 1ml, however, this was a somewhat arbitrary choice and only a guess as to what the average user would need. You can learn more about the reasoning behind using 1ml by viewing this video by Dr. Russell Knudsen, one of the five original minoxidil researchers. The important take away is that you should apply just enough to cover the affected areas. Those with a large area of concern may find that they require slightly more than 1ml and those with smaller area of concern, for example the hair line, will likely find that they can apply significantly less. Your primary focus should be to get good coverage.

The application of foam is more difficult to measure. When first starting with foam many people use the canister cap to estimate the dispensed amount, however, it can be awkward to remove the foam from the cap and this method also creates waste. A more precise way of measuring on your first few applications is by using a kitchen scale to measure the bottle before and after the application.

Each canister contains 60 grams of minoxidil. We recommend you weigh the bottle once prior to application. Then apply the product by inverting the canister and placing small dabs on the affected areas, and then rub the product in. Once the application is complete, weigh the canister again. Each canister contains 60 applications, so you should expect it to lose approximately 1 gram of weight.

Using this method on the first several applications ensures you aren’t using too much and helps you avoid the inconvenience of measuring using the canister cap. After the first few applications using this method you will have a good sense of the volume you are using for each application and will no longer need to use a scaleAs with the liquid product you should not be concerned if you are using slightly more or slightly less than the recommended dose. The size of the affected area will dictate how much you will need.

We are big believers in making the minoxidil application process as simple as possible so that you continue to use the product and reap the benefits. Another trick to making minoxidil application easier is switching to a once a day application schedule which has become increasingly popular as of late. You can read more about this in our article here.

As always, if you have questions, get in touch with us by phone, email or chat.