Oh Canada: Where To Buy Rogaine Minoxidil In Canada?

Unfortunately for Canadians, its not easy finding stores that consistently stock Rogaine. We know, we use the product ourselves, and drove from drug store to drug store each time we ran out.

Although large drug stores may carry one or two Rogaine products, they rarely carry the entire line and none of them carry generic Kirkland minoxidil products. The other problem we found was prices in drug stores are exorbitant. After using minoxidil products for a while, we got smart and found online stores to order from, but often times we'd end up spending what we saved in shipping, duties and customs charges, and waiting weeks for our package to show up. Thats why we created Hair Supply.

You can now find the full selection of Rogaine and Kirkland minoxidil products at our online store. We are the only Canadian stockist of Kirkland minoxidil products and we have the best prices on the internet. We also carry the full one of Johnson & Johnson Rogaine products for both men and women.