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Should Women Use Men’s Minoxidil Products?

First, let’s discuss the difference between men’s and women’s minoxidil or lack thereof. There is no compositional difference between men’s and women’s products. Both contain the active ingredient (minoxidil) in identical quantities. The effectiveness and mechanism of action are identical, meaning they are essentially the same product packaged differently. With that established, why should women consider buying men’s minoxidil? Namely, price. Men’s products are dramatically cheaper. 

It’s difficult to compare the price of women’s and men’s products directly because the dosage for men and women differ. Women are instructed to apply minoxidil once per day, whereas men are instructed to apply minoxidil twice per day. Because minoxidil products are typically sold based on the supply duration (4 months, 6 months etc…) it appears that prices for women’s and men’s products are similar. However, when you consider that women’s products are to be applied once per day (used half as much) you need to halve the supply duration in order to compare prices to the men’s product.

For example the women’s 4 month supply (most common) is equivalent to men’s 2 month supply. This means that women’s products are at least twice as expensive when buying name brand products (Rogaine) and even more expensive when buying generics (Kirkland).

Take for example the men’s Kirkland 6 month supply of minoxidil foam. Generally costing about $130. This will last a woman (using the women’s dosage instructions of once per day) 1 year. Working out to about $10 per month. If you were to purchase the Rogaine women’s product you would pay about ~$110 for a 4 month supply, costing you almost 3 times more ($330) for the year.

If this sounds confusing, we’ll simplify it, purchase men’s products and apply once per day.

We recommend you buy Kirkland foam or Kirkland liquid, depending on whether you prefer liquid or foam. If you'd like to stick with the name brand product (Rogaine) you can still realize a significant savings by purchasing the men's Rogaine.

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