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We regret to inform you that due to Health Canada regulations, Kirkland Minoxidil can no longer be offered for sale in Canada.

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Finasteride in Canada: Avoiding Name Brands

Finasteride has been shown to prevent hair loss in up to 90% of people. It is one of two scientifically backed hair loss treatments. In Canada finasteride requires a prescription from a doctor, which you can obtain from online clinics such as Essential Clinic. Doctors normally prescribe the name brand product, Propecia. This is often expensive, ranging between $50 and $100/month and rarely covered by health insurance. Is there a way to reduce the cost? A generic finasteride 1mg is available from most pharmacies, but you'll still be paying upwards of $50/month. A trick to save even more and possibly have your health insurance cover your prescription is to request Proscar (finasteride 5mg). This medication is typically prescribed for other medical conditions, and...

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An Alternative DHT Blocking Topical To Oral DHT Blockers With Strong Scientific Backing

Hair loss in the 80s was a much more dire circumstance. Not a single reliable treatment existed. If you experienced it you lived with it. Sure, there were ‘remedies’, of course, none worked. The minoxidil trials in the mid 1980s were a breakthrough for hair loss treatment. Suddenly there was a safe, reliable way to treat hair loss. In the mid 1990s the same thing happened with oral DHT blockers (finasteride), trials showed that oral finasteride could prevent hair loss, and better yet, it worked on a completely different mechanism than minoxidil, offering benefits to those who combined both therapies. Finasteride works by preventing DHT (a close cousin of testosterone) from binding to and attacking the hair follicle. Since finasteride works on...

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Why Laser Hair Loss Therapy Is Worth Considering

Each decade since the 1980s has brought with it a new hair loss therapy. In the 1980s it was minoxidil, in the 1990s it was oral DHT blockers (finasteride), and beginning in the 2000s low level laser therapy (LLLT) began to show promise in treating hair loss. First, let's differentiate LLLT from higher power lasers used in dermatologists offices. The wavelength used in low level laser therapy does not damage or burn the skin like high power lasers. There is no thermal effect, meaning only a very small amount of heat is generated, in contrast to high power lasers which use heat to cause their desired effect. LLLT never burns or damages the skin, it works by aiding energy production...

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How to Buy Finasteride Online in Canada

Visiting a doctor to get relatively simple prescriptions such as finasteride can be a frustrating experience. You have to take time off work, wait in a room full of people potentially catching other germs, just to see a doctor for a minute or two to get the prescription you need. A New Online Hair Loss Clinic Through Essential Clinic, you can now have a doctor treat your condition from the privacy of your own home. Just upload photos of your hair, answer a few questions, and if approved, have your finasteride medication shipped directly to your home. No waiting rooms, and no pharmacy pick-ups. Canadian Licensed Physicians The service is provided by Canadian licensed family doctors and nurse practitioners. It is currently only...

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Can I Apply Less Than The Recommended Dose Of Minoxidil?

We often get questions on the amount of minoxidil to use for each application. Liquid minoxidil is applied with a dropper and the recommended dose per application is 1ml, the liquid dropper is marked for exactly this amount. One of the  most common question we get is whether there is an issue applying more or less than the 1ml recommendation. The original research was standardized at 1ml, however, this was a somewhat arbitrary choice and only a guess as to what the average user would need. You can learn more about the reasoning behind using 1ml by viewing this video by Dr. Russell Knudsen, one of the five original minoxidil researchers. The important take away is that you should apply just enough to cover the affected areas. Those...

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