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Where Can Minoxidil Be Used?

  If you've purchased minoxidil before you've likely noticed that the box indicates minoxidil is effective only on the vertex/crown of the head. This is great if you are suffering from hair loss in this area, however, what if, like many of our clients, you are concerned about a receding hair line, hair loss in the temples or FPHL (Female Pattern Hair Loss)? Will minoxidil not work in these areas? Should it only be used on the crown of the head? To answer this question we have to look at the legalities behind claims a manufacturer can make as to the effectiveness of their products. For a manufacturer of any drug to be able to claim effectiveness, the manufacturer must perform...

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Rogaine Minoxidil Foam Vs. Rogaine Minoxidil Liquid

One of the most common questions we get is "which product should I use, minoxidil liquid or minoxidil foam?". It's a deceptively difficult question to answer well. The best answer that we can give you is it depends on your situation. Foam can be difficult to use for those with lots of hair, often, much of the foam ends up in the hair rather than on the scalp. Minoxidil left on the hair has no effect, it must penetrate the scalp to work effectively. Therefore, hair length, thickness and the location of the affected area is an important consideration. People with lots of hair often find liquid easier to get on the scalp, and avoid getting too much of it in...

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How Does Dermarolling Increase The Effectiveness Of Minoxidil?

Dermarolling (also known as microneedling) has become a widely used, safe, non invasive procedure for several dermatological conditions. Dermarolling can be done at different depths (needle lengths) and different depths have different mechanisms of action and utility. With respect to hair loss, the mode of action that appears most effective is improving the transdermal absorption of topical products. Studies show that the optimal Dermaroller needle length for increasing the absorption of transdermal medicines (in our case, minoxidil, or other topicals for hair loss) is ~.2mm. Dermarollers of this length have been shown to increase the absorption of topicals by up to 4 times, see study. In one study using a dermarolling procedure in combination with minoxidil increased hair growth by 3...

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Can Men Use Minoxidil Once Per Day?

There are 2 important benefits to using minoxidil once per day. The first being you don't have to use it at an inopportune time, such as in the morning before styling your hair, the second being reduced costs. The issue with a once a day protocol is that it goes against the directions on the box. The directions for men state that the product should be used twice per day. However the duration of effect for minoxidil is 21 hours, which nearly covers the entire day. Is this enough to get good results? Dr. Russell Knudsen, one of the 5 original dermatologists involved in minoxidil trials in 1984 suggests it is. You can see his discussion of once per day...

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Should Women Use Men’s Minoxidil Products?

First, let’s discuss the difference between men’s and women’s minoxidil or lack thereof. There is no compositional difference between men’s and women’s products. Both contain the active ingredient (minoxidil) in identical quantities. The effectiveness and mechanism of action are identical, meaning they are essentially the same product packaged differently. With that established, why should women consider buying men’s minoxidil? Namely, price. Men’s products are dramatically cheaper.  It’s difficult to compare the price of women’s and men’s products directly because the dosage for men and women differ. Women are instructed to apply minoxidil once per day, whereas men are instructed to apply minoxidil twice per day. Because minoxidil products are typically sold based on the supply duration (4 months, 6 months...

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