To Our Valued Customers

We regret to inform you that due to Health Canada regulations, Kirkland Minoxidil can no longer be offered for sale in Canada.

For the widest selection of Canadian minoxidil products and personalized service, please visit Essential Clinic.

For a limited time, Essential is offering free hair consultations for HairSupply customers to determine the right treatment for your hair.

Use promo 'HAIRSUPPLYCA' at the Essential Clinic Checkout page to qualify.

Checkout Questions

PayPal Checkout

Many clients have reached out to tell us that they don't have a PayPal account and therefore can't checkout. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to checkout with us. PayPal is our payment processor, you can use your Visa/Mastercard etc... through the PayPal system just as you'd use it through any other checkout system. You do not need an account nor do you need to open an account.

Why do we use PayPal exclusively? PayPal has excellent customer protection. If you order something via PayPal and it doesn't show up it's easy to get your money back. It's much easier to make a claim and have it processed than when using a credit card. Many of our early clients explained they'd like to us to use PayPal for this reason. It made them feel more comfortable purchasing from a new business. Although we are no longer new, we like the comfort PayPal gives our customers and we find it easier to use them exclusively.

You can easily checkout without a PayPal account by following the steps below. First, click checkout. Once at the checkout screen (shown below) click the PayPal Express checkout button.

After you click this button a PayPal window will appear (shown below), click "Pay with a credit or visa debit card". From here you can checkout normally. No account necessary.

Phone Orders

We often get calls requesting we process orders over the phone. Unfortunately, we have chosen as a company not to accept personal information/credit card details over the phone. Not only is this practice strongly discouraged by banks and your credit card company but it's simply not secure. Unfortunately that means we will refuse phone orders. However, we are very happy to walk you through the checkout process over the phone. Further, if you can't seem to get it we will happily accept an interac email money transfer, or a cheque in the mail. Please don't send cash! If you place your order this way, please send your address and the product you would like along with your payment.

These rules are in place to keep your information safe. We appreciate your understanding and are happy to discuss any questions you have via the telephone or chat.